National Poetry Month 04/2020

Bus Break

Trauma dreams
But reckless fun
Letting go after
Several drops

Fear resounds
But youth admire
Baseless courage that
Crosses the grain

Finding pride
A sinful bore
I’m waiting around
Living my life

A Raith

Wealth of time
Our angry bellies
Stress calls home
Demands attention

We can’t ignore
Never the hunger
Always wins
A wry argument

Beauty in you
Life growing spark
Eyes retreat to
Living in dark

Call upon time
Right reflex rhyme
Crisis of quitting
Believing the lie

Apology Mustered

A sample of my delights
Sarcasm and judgment
Jaded cynicism and love

Removing all the glue
I make the jewels feel new
Listen closely be sincere

I drown and wake and
I drown again but you
You are the reason I live

First Flight

When I quit letting the
judgment of people who
could only poison my life
with their invective

Maybe even withholding
keys to my health or
a sense of security

When I realized that life
had become so unbearable
that death would be a relief
I learned I could fly

Toxic City

I sleep so much now
I didn’t dream for years
I held my hopes at bay
I watered them with tears

You brought a new day
You fed it to my fears
You made it rain somehow
You taunted me with jeers

We take our final bow
We walk a sunny ray
We unfurl every brow
We don’t have to stay

Method Of Coloring Book

Placemat on the table
with the maze filled in
I see you made a few
wrong turns there
at the beginning

One turn and you
hit a wall but look
how you learned to
walk through them

Crayon marks so
furtive slow but
you quickly learn
to achieve your goals
by coloring outside
the lines


Missing times
You felt so red
The blues and greens
Nothing left unsaid

Matured whine
Only for yourself
Drunk on stoic’s
Metaphorical brandy

The stirred emotions
And cabbage hearts
A repulsive
Familial bond

Sticks in throat
A sinking boat
Rough pillow I rest
My head upon

King Poopypants

Our child never does anything wrong
We might not always like his tone
But he helps the neighborhood out
And in this belief I’m not alone

When he made a toxic concoction
Of bleach and caulk and paste
And fed it to your poopy pup
It’s not his fault for your pet’s waste

He put your daughter in a cage
He’s wild but what charisma!
Intolerance to my family’s freedom
Is what makes you seem abysmal

So praise our angry violent child
He’s made the neighborhood better
There’s nothing that he just can’t do
If you get a new dog can I pet her?

For Monte

It’s funny what usually seems funny
is really only sad

A trick we play on ourselves to keep
from falling too far down

The abyss is always willing to take on
new customers

A friend from ten thousand days ago
killed himself yesterday

They taught me
Now they’re gone

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