National Poetry Month 04/2020

For Somebody Who Laughs
(At All The Wrong Times)

If I ever were to lose
the alarming sound
inside my ears

If ever I were to miss
the sudden jolt
of all my fears

I might be as lonely as
the stoic man
afraid of tears

Dysphoria Reds

Sometimes I feel really ugly
Other times I feel really ugly
Sometimes I think I’m pretty
But usually I’m just pretty ugly

Slight Return

I grew up
seeing only
the backs
of the people
I loved

It’s amazing
how little
over a whole


As I motion back and forth
Moving toward divinity
Returning to lifeless clay
The lives of so many
Entangle my way

From the outset
I’m divorced
With feelings of amity
The ones who would not pay
The small cost of any
Polite thing to say

Scarier Excelsior

Courage and bravery
like so many things
doesn’t always look
like it seems

Take the turtle
whose shell is its home
to hide in when
it is frightened

Its back is broken
while crossing the street
by an enemy
it never knew existed

Only Spite Remains

Dionysus died
when every
intoxicated person
quit imbibing
to celebrate
love for
the universe

Betterave Rouge

I asked you to keep watch
As I stole makeup from
That markedly evil store

You dressed me up once but
Unlike the dolls of youth
I’m made of flesh and bone

A warm but doomed union
Illuminating the fact that
Some people really care

Death Pundits

I woke up today
and I struggled
to breathe and
I read about a
phony doctor
on your parents
and grandparent’s
favorite news network
saying it was time to
start taking people
off of ventilators

Checking In

I wish I had what it takes
To be a good friend

I blame the hotel clerk
For not waking me up

But I’ve been asleep since
I sat my luggage down

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