National Poetry Month 04/2020

The Ratio

Rinse your loneliness with dye
Leave a stain that proves
Burn off tattooed heart with lye
A bird that never moves

Lasso your proclivities
Watch the evening news
Cement all activities
Until they start to bruise

Tweeting song reciprocate
Lover enemy
Map that cannot locate this
Phoenix inside me

Healing Blues

Fruit stripes
And candy puffs
Orange with cream
Pillowy stuffs

Float boat
In a root beer stream
Of gold and green

Lilies droop
So lazily
Fading awful


My brain telling me
Listen to your heart
She fills me with warmth
A tunneling spark

A dingy washcloth
That was once brand new
Dries all the dishes
Broken inside you

The notes that you sent
Into hollow horn
Process a signal
Into a groove worn

Blind Spot

We gawk at their despair
Like we’ve never seen it here
It’s a problem over there
When poverty so near
Is in our face each day
Our clever eyes succeed
To only look away
At those of us in need
As if we have no cares
Our wealthy image sears
Renders, cuts, and tears
We are the bourgeoisie

Bad Life, Everyone’s Fault

I was happy once
it’s hard to imagine
being happy again

I blame my friends
say their actions
spurred my stunts

I know that’s wrong
I’m to blame
for not manning up

I lift my cup
let’s drink to fame
and not living long

Old Fur

If I could
I would change it all
But please can it stay just like this

It’s so terrible, I love it
I’m going to die, can’t change it

It’s all still
Going to just fall
Keep falling until it hits the ground

If it’s terrible, I love it
As long as we try to change it

Distant Companions

Foal skips free in bluebell
Lazes in the Brazos
Drunk on philosophy
Onto cliff tops rise

Pup barks and slaps its fins
Wet by constant rain
Slips down to salty sea
Lay and watch the skies

Animals of our past
Form menagerie
Prays that Pan can make
Truth from all our lies

Customer / Coach

Awkward as seeing
a phone onstage
lyrics read by teen
at his first gig

The audience groans
as he drops his phone
but it’s just as strange
to be at home

So we wait and watch
for the child to grow
and become the star
we’ll pretend to know

So Long

Writing poetry is like
Words are water
Reading poetry
Is definitely harder
So thank you for
Reading my verse
Seems to rhyme
Is my life’s curse
You chose to stay
I’m a lucky woman
Stuck together here
We erase all doom and
Believe me when I say
I love you too, man
Don’t ever change

© PFSIM 2020

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