National Poetry Month 04/2020

Stems Remains

People exit your life
like a thorn pulled from your finger
A crimson red pain
replaced by a memory of scent

Light Harbor

Home has always been preferable
to every other place
Every other setting is where
insecurity rules the heart
and people guide my fears

Living Revisited

Second sleep
Rest my eyes
A tiny death
A little shut eye

Make a peep
Wake she cries
I catch my breath
Or at least I try

The Allergy

Head is full
Full of angry
Bees protect
Protect hives
Hives of angry

My life full
Full of silent
Plea freedom
Freedom from
Lives of silent


All of the ramen
and all of the toilet paper
seemed completely
out of stock

I hunted and found
a large surplus of the soups
at the bougie
grocer’s store

Honorary Person

I can only be born
where I was born.
I can only be born
when I was born.
I can’t be from
a place that’s safe.
I can’t be from
a time that cares
about a changing person
adoring kindness.


Life is a series of moments
An indeterminate amount of time
Maybe a second, maybe a year
Your entire life could be a moment

Atoms collected create pictures
A weighted thing, an object
Subjectively we see the molecule
Masses of lives make a movement


A hard reset of a device
is more than
a symbolic gesture.

Tiny Scratches

It’s impressive
how exhausted
one can get
while sleeping

I lift the cat
up to my chest
and kiss him
on the head

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