National Poetry Month 04/2020

Changing Wind

The birds
Outside my window
Are the loudest
They have ever been

Or at least as long as
I can remember

They celebrate
A quieter planet and
The simple fact that
It is spring

Broken Glass

Shining sparkles shimmer forth
Filling cups of one’s self-worth
Winding through the wizard’s stave
Delights go whirling breath to grave

Straying from the stony paths
The wise one’s hermitage in maths
Counting ones and threes and twos
Evokes reprieve from death’s dark noose

Fourth Estate

Often I think
That the powerful
Care naught for the weak

That they might seek
Our destruction
With indifference

Reasons hopes sink
From clear lack of
Brave interference

Springing Onward

While they were crying,
stomping their feet and
gnashing their teeth
at the rain

The flowers welcomed
life-saving splashes of
natural replenishment
and succor

We were rewarded for
our wet dresses and
fallen tresses with
a splash of color

Born Too Strung

Quieting my thoughts
Because they are monsters
Who hiss and growl and they
Tell me I am worthless and ugly

My mind that betrays me so often
These thoughts so alien to me
They are not my own ideas
But those of my captors

Politics Unusual

Falling into myself
Anger rises and takes hold
Jumps out of my spirit naked and raw
Finds friction and is running loose

No reprieve from the search
Frayed emotions that seeks a mark
Tides of ambivalence rush the pace
My skin alone draped upon the chair

Fashionably Late

I walk a tightrope
Nothing is about me
And everything

My shoes into a knot
A man’s last word
Is all he’s

A viscous stew
Pig head and steam
The dead horse
That I see in my

In Peril

I feel lucky,
I’m so happy,
like nothing will
ever go wrong

Once upon a time…

Future Perfect

Outside he stalks
Is as alert as me
But doesn’t sense
The future because
There is nothing there
To the cat that lives
Down my alley

A bird’s feathers
Between its teeth
Only matters now
What use is dinner
Twenty-five years
From tonight?
“Absolutely nothing”
The hungry cat yelps

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