National Poetry Month 04/2020


It’s all I’ve wanted to be
I wear it like a cloak of

I look at you
And maybe you won’t beat me
If we can talk about what
You like to seek

Growing up I’ve learned
It doesn’t matter what I
Know or have been when
You only see a freak

Resent Mint

I’m making a potion
I’m putting all the
disgusting things
I can find in it

I’m making a potion
It is made of poison
and one sip and
death will be painful

I’m making a potion
and I’m going to
give it to the jealous
imp that lives in me

Stolid Stated Trans


Karma Cuttlefish

Rumors and punching
people in the face
My memories of
living in the south

Drinking too much
and being afraid
A makeup smear
of red on my mouth

Maybe I died could
that be the case?
We all go on living
until every debt is paid

The Flower And The Slime

Wandering by the creek
The hen and chick tells me
Nature is all there is
Life is alive
But that is the horror
Fear of the unknown
Squirming and large
Spinning and small
Beautiful, ugly, and all
That exists until it is
turned to dust

See Who You Are

You are mean
So why pretend
You are mean
It’s the message you send
Phony politics
To hide the fact you’re mean
Phony politics
Can’t hide the fact you’re mean
I get it
Life has made you tough
I get it
Softness isn’t enough
But you are mean
It makes me want to hide
Please just try

Half Woman Barely Human

How am I fraud
If I can accomplish my goals
If I can perform and juggle

Why am I invalid
If I care about others
If I help them like a counselor

Why am I not seen
When I’m bullied and harassed
And written off by others
As if I were a fraud

Charmers Luck

Inward we go
Our dreams all so loud
Tell us to worry or not to worry
Maybe we’ll listen

To those without a map
The mind is a terrifying world
The world we exist in is wondrous
Filled with maleficent detours

Truly believe in yourself
You can find the way through

Staying In

I once lived in a trench,
but now I live in a castle
It is protected by a giant bear,
a lion, and a lioness

In my domain, there are
no enemies, but two queens
We rule nothing, so we have
nothing to fear

We delight in games
as we further our studies

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