Fashion 122 2021

This is the presentation I wrote for the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, "Save Our Souls" by Vivienne Westwood. Full presentation after jump. Press link below. v.westwood-spring-2022-2Download This is the Product Development Presentation I made in the fall of 202 for a hypothetical clothing brand called "Stix Style." The presentation required demographic and psychographic research as well … Continue reading Fashion 122 2021

The Heaviest Albums I’ve Heard

Hardcore punk rock was challenging itself to find heavier paths when Sleep’s Volume One was released in 1991. The lightly distorted guitars and heavily didactic vocals, were making way for more poetic, feelings-driven messaging. There was a stress hangover from the heady, violence-fueled days of the early punk era, and the music reflects that claustrophobic … Continue reading The Heaviest Albums I’ve Heard