National Poetry Month 04/2020

Overdoing It

I want to ride
More than I ever
have before

I want enough
To kill the strongest
horse alive

I like horses
They were here
before my family

They seem real cool
Not all escapist
wrecks like me

It’s A Wonderful Life

If I’d never been born
I would have never been

Regretting The Unknowable

The creature from Montauk
Minded its own business
Living on the bottom of the sea

It’s dead body swept to the shore
People pointed and poked at it
Took pictures and made up stories

That strange and wildly lucky fish
Died not knowing the cruelty of
Selfishly uninteresting people


You can obediently repeat
What every one else is saying
If it makes one feel better
And it is at the expense of
A group of people you dislike
Then say it with pride
You want to say a slur about
Those people who make you
Feel uncomfortably strange
Echo the approved statement

Night Bird At Dusk

There is a tree
that all the
birds prefer

One sings alone
Echoes reach
tiny ears

The mourning dove’s
pleading coos
imprint skin

Fleeting I see
from spring’s leaves
Dives she flies


Wasp buzz in ears
Salts collect in liver
Age shows on my face
I fail to deliver

Bright days inside
Sparks fly to heaven
Placating the demon
That counts to seven

Dark magic spills
Dissolving faint cares
Our connected nature
Paying separate fares

Biding Time

Curtain call
Take your final bow
There’s no one in the
Audience anyhow

Give the world a wink
Although they look away
Give yourself roses
Each and every day

Life is what you make it
Before you judge be wise
In different places we start
At differing parts we rise

A Phosphorescent Metaphor

A hunger
insatiable as
the sea
meets will
as cataleptic
as coward’s
lowing gripe
intertwines and
hurls outward

The validity
expands for
an eternity
swallowing up
less secure
minerals and
with weight
creates the
whole universe

Meditations At Noon

Silence or
Quiet music like
Reading a paragraph
Over and over again

Sun dappled walls
Rolling plains
Wild grasses
Eyes shut

Orange dark
Dog’s whine
Waking up and
Moving on

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