National Poetry Month 04/2020

Hunger Means

Three in the morning
Like an unwanted thing
Banging your trash can lids
I look for scraps of food
From the wasteful cafe

The tonic I take is strong
And it burns out the illness
But sometimes it doesn’t take
So my fever rises and
I Hallucinate the Gods

Richard The Clown

Memories are tricky
But not the good kind of trick
A memory isn’t like your dad
Pulling off his own thumb
To your terror
A memory is like your dad
Pulling off your thumb
Cooking it, and feeding it
To you


Plucked from the bunch
They remove your thorns
Turning on a pedestal
Beauty shining to heaven
For mankind to scorn
And beat within an inch
Of your life

Whisper’s Whee

Two decades later
I still dream about it
The sourness, the fire
It burns my throat
Fixes my problems

I dream about ways
I can hide it from view
A small flask would do
It could be a secret
Nobody has to know

I wake up sad because
I have no secrets left

Feelings v. Facts

Channeling the thoughts
Of newly cut grass
Ants near magnifying glass
Beetles crushed into rouge

Flying to Akron, or Scranton
Lansing, maybe Boise
Being asked to join an
Eagles-themed karaoke

The life of the party
Bacteria on the can ring
Tossed into the sea
Making new friends


Life is perplex
So horrifying
and random

I am but a
stupid and little
ship on a wave

We teeter and
our crew falls
over the side

Holding my
breath I jump
into save them

But it was
all just a
dying mirage

Raising The Titanic

Not long ago
there was a ship so
large they said it
wouldn’t float

I suppose it did
just fine until
the captain sank
the boat

A symbol of
our arrogance
that’s probably
how it seems

But I think it
makes folks happy
watching others
lose their dreams

See Saw

Hello to you there
I know by your voice
And the way you walk

The bergamot lotion
You wear all the time
That lilt when you talk

It’s my old partner
The ghost with no name
An outline in chalk

Belated Beloved

There in the park
I noticed shadows
poked and bruised arms

When you said it was over
I thought it was over
for good

I’m sorry that I laughed
when you told me
you had hep C

I was happy that day
and mad because I knew
it wouldn’t be what kills you

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