The Heaviest Albums I’ve Heard

Hardcore punk rock was challenging itself to find heavier paths when Sleep’s Volume One was released in 1991. The lightly distorted guitars and heavily didactic vocals, were making way for more poetic, feelings-driven messaging. There was a stress hangover from the heady, violence-fueled days of the early punk era, and the music reflects that claustrophobic … Continue reading The Heaviest Albums I’ve Heard

Roses For Posies

WORDS SAVES LIVES • SEPTEMBER 10, 2017 • WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY This book of poetry is dedicated to Thomas Disch, Jim Maclean, Leelah Alcorn, Dave Schulthise, and everyone who lost the fight against depression, isolation, and anxiety. Unfortunately there are very few ways to let someone who is suffering from mental illness know that … Continue reading Roses For Posies