The Forest Floor Doom Metal Radio (2014)

Episode 62a/ Hour 1
Amenaza – Each Footstep A Lesion
Jardonis – Nero D’Avola
Mr. Peter Hayden – Majestic 5
Tummler And Solomon – You’ve Worn Out Your Welcome
Goatsnake – The Orphan
16 – Damone
Botch – Transitions From Persona To Object
Creeps On Candy – Descent
Rwake – Stairwell
Black Sabbath – When I Came Down
Mondo Drag – New Rituals

Episode 62b/ Hour 2
Keef Mountain – Higher Realms
Isis – Threshold Of Transformation
Windmills By The Ocean – Blasphemy
Endless Boogie – Came Wide, Game Finish
Silence The Father – The Night
T-Rex Quiet – Millenium Breath
The Misunderstood – My Mind
Witch – Gone
Place Of Skulls – Last Hit

Episode 63a/ Hour 1
Tenacious D – Jesus Ranch
Carcass – Festerday
Anal Cunt – Richard Butler
Schlong – Goodbye To Romance
Dethklok – Birthday Dethday
Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy
L7 – Used To Love Him
Lawnmower Deth – Satan’s Trampoline
Neurosis – Saturday Night Holocaust
Man Is The Bastard – Slave To The Bean
Spinal Tap – Heavy Duty
Voivod – Batman

Episode 63b/ Hour 2
A Minor Forest – Lady
Dead Horse – Rock Lobster
Black Debbath – Pussy In The Bank
Ghost – Satan Prayer
Cycle Sluts From Hell – I Wish You Were A Beer
The Dehumanizers – Renegade Smurf
The Atomic Bitchwax – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Pungent Stench – Klyster Boogie
Bloodrock – Melvin Laid An Egg
Dystopia – Hidden Track
Three Finger Spread – Epidemic
Gaggle Of Cocks – Bomb Me

Episode 64a/ Hour 1
Sleep – Jerusalem
Merlin – White Mountain

Episode 64b/ Hour 2
Endless Boogie – Morning Line Dirt
Windhand – Boleskin
Black Sabbath – Spiral Architect

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