The Forest Floor Doom Metal Radio (2014)

The Forest Floor was a doom metal themed internet radio show that aired on Grip Of Delusion internet radio for most of 2014 by Christi Rat. Below is a list of every song that aired.

Every time, I’m on the street, people laugh and point at me.

Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich
Saint Vitus “Born Too Late”

1a / Hour 1
Cathedral – Freedom
Orange Goblin – Land Of Secret Dreams
Lost Goat – The Drifter
Sleep – The Suffering
Thin Lizzy – Emerald
Chair – Shamrock City
Stinking Lizaveta – Shu Shu
New Keepers Of The Water Towers – The Sword In The Stone
Sheavy – Strange Gods
Earth – Engine Of Ruin
Saviours – Into Abaddon
Olde Growth – Life In The Present

1b / Hour 2
Mountain Witch – Severance
The Atomic Bitchwax – Forty Five
Los Natas – El Camino De Dios
Baron Greenback – Imploding Sun
Antietam – Pine
Drunk Horse – Priestmaker
Elder – Gemini
Borracho – Never Get It Right
Cactus – Let Me Swim
Goatsnake – Who Are You?

2a / Hour 1
Thorr-Axe – The Sundering Of The Frost Giant
Voodoo Mule – Ripoff
Nausea – Clutches (1988)
Candlemass – Demon Of The Deep
Battle Of Mice – The Lamb & The Labradour
Titan – Annals Of The Former World
Tone – Round
Tusk – The Everlasting Taste Of Disguise
Zozobra – Heavy With Shadows
Thou – Tyrant

2b / Hour 2
Electric Wizard – Wooden Pipe
Pale Divine – Shadow Soul
The Sword – March Of The Lor
Ace Frehley – Snow Blind
Black Mountain Thunder – Sweet Nectar
Filthy Jim – Ride With Death
Helmet – In The Meantime
Indian – Los Nietos
Nice Cat – Serpent Of Boom
Neurosis – Double Edged Sword

3a / Hour 1
16 – Astroglide
Eyehategod – New Orleans Is The New Vietnam
Hose – Down By The River
Priestess – Communicating Via Eyes
Weird Owl – Do What Th’owl Wilt
Witchcraft – Her Sisters They Were Weak
Electric Taurus – Two Gods, Kaput Algol
Baptists – Sick
Mares Of Thrace -The Goat Thief
Mahat – Wrong Way
Place Of Skulls – The Watchers
L’Impero Delle Ombré – Snow Blind

3b / Hour 2
Pentagram – Forever My Queen
Dead Horse – Turn
Dandelion – In My Room
Ironweed – Lifeless Coil
Khanate – Skin Coat
The Atlas Moth – A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky
Deep Purple – Flight Of The Rat
Kyuss – Demon Cleaner
Lowrider – Convoy
C.O.C. – Zippo
Hangnail – Overhanging

4a / Hour 1
Dune – Dizzy Dotty
Black Math Horseman – Origin Of Savagery
The Gersch – Residue Three
Tomydeepestego – Monster
Witch – Rip Van Winkle
Dead Meadow – Everything’s Goin’ On
Gun – Yellow Cab Man
Humo Del Cairo – Panorama
Merlin – White Mountain
Egypt – Queen Of All Time
Wolfmother – Vagabond

4b / Hour 2
Heavy Lord – Diesel Weed
Junkyard – Give The Devil His Due
Moistboyz – In The Valley Of The Sun
Scissorfight – Sun Hunt
Owl – Stone Lover
Grails – Reincarnation Blues
Om – Bhima’s Theme
Samothrace – Awkward Hearts
Raise The Red Lantern – Ritual

5a / Hour 1
Black Pyramid – Visions Of Gehenna
Subsanity – Spaced Wizard
Wicked Inquisition – Radius Of Fear
Black Debbath – Grøn Dame, Rød Klut
Danzig – Evil Thing
Tricky Woo – We Are The Vampires
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – I Am Here To Kill You
Gentleman’s Pistols – Into The Haze
Orquestra Del Desierto – Reaching Out
Groundhogs – Garden
Toner Low – V
Rwake – Forge

5b / Hour 2
Goatess – Full Moon At Noon
Village Of Dead Roads – Blind Albino
Amebix – Right To Ride
Sourvein – Intake
Torche – Reverse Inverted
Motörhead – All For You
Five Horse Johnson – It Ain’t Easy
Black Sabbath – Supernaut
Birch Hill Dam – Kilimanjaro
Old Man’s Child – The Spawn Of Lost Creation
Envy – A Road Of Winds The Water Builds

6a/ Hour 1
Cathedral – The Olde Oak Tree
Black Sabbath – Lord Of This World
Dark Earth – Evil King
Mountain Witch – Stone The Witch
The Sabians – Cold Black River
Tarantula Hawk – Are
Orchid – No One Makes A Sound
Ape Skull – Bluesy
Orange Goblin – The Big Black
Mount Fuji – Six Feet Under The Rainbow Of Hell
Boris – Ano Onna No Onryou

6b/ Hour 2
Dozer – Head Ghosts
Geezer – Planes, Trains And Automobiles
Puny Human – Jesus Has My Legs
Neurosis – Raise The Dawn
Orthodox – Con Sangré De Quien Te Ofenda
Yob – Kosmos
Curse The Son – Psychache
L7 – Cool Out
Wishbone Ash – Blind Eye
Truckfighters – In Search Of (The)
Jesu – Don’t Dream It

7a/ Hour 1
Thou – Smoke Pigs
Fister – Deaf Wish
Garmonbozia – Ugly
The Body – Lathspell I Name You
Om – Cremation Ghat II
Bathory – Kill Kill Kill
Bang – Come With Me
God Ox – Pestilent Dogmata
Saint Vitus – Dying Inside
The Sword – The Warp Riders
Pelican – Bliss In Concrete

7b/ Hour 2
Ufomammut – Aureum
Monomyth – Loch Ness
New Keepers Of The Water Towers – Abyssal Lord
Asbestos Death – The Suffering
Black Math Horseman – Torment Of The Metals
Dark Castle – Weather The Storm
Doctor Doom – Relax You’re Dead
Raging Slab – Ain’t Ugly None
Iron Tongue – 7 Days

8a/ Hour 1
Spirit Caravan – Cosmic Artifact
Black Oak Arkansas – Lord Have Mercy On My Soul
Olde Growth – The Grand Illusion
Cosmosquad – Murders In The Rue Morgue
Southern Badass – Born On The Bayou
Sleep – Inside The Sun
Saviours – Firewake Angel
Corrosion Of Conformity – Stare Too Long
Nebula – Do It Now
Quiet In The Cave – Sweet Leaf
Assembly Of Light – Treelight

8b/ Hour 2
Pharaoh – Spared
Dead In The Water – Emptiness Inside
Spylacopa – Staring At The Sound
Paradise Lost – Eternal
Minsk – White Wings
Grey Daturas – Beyond & Into The Ultimate
Carla Bozulich – Baby That’s The Creeps
The Want – Goodbye
The Witches Drum – Climb Aboard The Bus Of Devotion
Luder – Astrolabe
The Atomic Bitchwax – Turn Me On

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