The Forest Floor Doom Metal Radio (2014)

Episode 25a/ Hour 1
Don Juan Matus – Mundo Alterno
Mountain High – Beautiful Bird
Kowloon Walled City – Gambling On The Richter Scale
Russian Circles – Youngblood
Deadbird – The Riverbed
Skrogg – Raw Heat
Blind Dog – Back Off
Solace – Whistle Pig
Chair – Barn Burner
Moonbow – Octavia

Episode 25b/ Hour 2
Royal Thunder – Grave Dance
Hawkwind – Silver Machine
Alix – Ground
Black Debbath – Tung, Riefremkallende Boogie
Mondo Drag – Black River
Boss 302 – Sparrow
Mountain Witch – The Hiver
New Keepers Of The Water Towers – Crystal Lake
The Vein – The Poisoned Chalice
Gestalt – Tomorrow’s Dream
Black Manta – Days Of Yore
Cave In – Juggernaut

Episode 26a/ Hour 1
Yob – Silence
Sir Lord Baltimore – Master Heartache
Shallow – Anatomy Of A Giant
Smokin’ Ace – Find Somewhat
Lowrider – Shivaree
Los Natas – El Ciervo
Queens Of The Stone Age – Song For The Dead
Switchblade Jesus – The Wolves
Egypt – Valley Of The Kings
Tumbleweed Dealer – Resurrected Yet Again
Hiretsukan – Song For Wilhelmina Vautrin

Episode 26b/ Hour 2
Torche – Kicking
The Swill – Demons And Rust
Amber Asylum – Fear And Doubt In The Frozen Dawn
Indian – Rhetoric Of No
16 – Thorn In Your Side
Coalesce – The Comedian In Question
Knut – 58.788
Rabbits – Blood On Bunny
The Graviators – The Magician
Valkyrie – Running Out
Humo Del Cairo – Fuego De San Antonio
7Zuma7 – Fistful Of Dolls
El Thule – Pulsar
Roky Erickson & The Aliens – It’s A Cold Night For Alligators

Episode 27a/ Hour 1
Unida – Delta Alba Plex
Peter Pan Speedrock – Damn You All To Hell
Suma – Ashes
60,000,000 Buffalo – Royalty Rag/Cocaine Shuffle
Don Juan Matus – Kadath/Mas Alla Del Sol Poniente
Egypt – Knot (Live)
Mono – Sabbath
Red Fang – Into The Eye
Blind Dog – Would I Make You Believe

Episode 27b/ Hour 2
Guapo – The Planks
Forged In Flames – The Underground
Orange Goblin – Hound’s Ditch
Eighteen Wheels Burning – Tears of the Moon
The Obsessed – Bardo
Crawl – Butchers Hollar
Rübe – The Ballad Of Sisyphus MacDuff
Raging Slab – Take A Hold
Grand Funk Railroad – Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother
Sungrazer – Common Believer
Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight – Electrode
Cricketbows – All The Way Down
Dungen – Vem Vaktar Lejonen
Neurosis – Insensitivity
Nausea – Johnny Got His Gun

Episode 28a/ Hour 1
Olde Growth – Sequoia
Black Nasa – Thanks Anyway
Groundhogs – Thank Christ For The Bomb
Lesbian – Forestelevision (Edit)
Contropotere – Quello Che Hai
Nitroseed – Class War
Electric Wizard – A Chosen Few
Conan – Hawk As Weapon (Live)
Khanate – Dead
Boris – Furi

Episode 28b/ Hour 2
Void Of Sleep – Lost In The Void
Maaswater Veenlijk – Whores of Babylon
High On Fire – The Face Of Oblivion
Baroness – War, Wisdom And Rhyme
Huge Rat Attacks – Heavy Jelly
Psychedelic Sex Organ – Garden of Meat
Vanilla Fudge – Need Love
Cabron – Parascending
Slow Green Thing – I Hate The Sun
Astray – Idle Conversation

Episode 29a/ Hour 1
Brant Bjork & The Bros – Gonna Make The Pony Trot
Captain Beyond – Mesmerization Eclipse
Whitebuzz – The Return Of Phoenix
Farflung – The Nile Song
Sloth – The Voice Of God
Harvey Milk – Roses
Torche – Amnesian
The Enablers – Ghosting
AstroCoven – Ritual

Episode 29b/ Hour 2
Rudimentary Peni – Better Not Born
Samothrace – Cruel Awake
Red Sparowes – A Brief Moment Of Clarity Broke Through The Deafening Hum, But It Was Too Late.
Tunguska Mammoth – Of Beasts
Mezzanine – Beneath The Failing Sun
The Seeds – One More Time Blues
Endless Boogie – Dirty Angel
Spirit Caravan – Retro Man
Oak’s Mary – Sand In The Teeth
Witchcraft – Hey Doctor

Episode 30a/ Hour 1
Acid Ape – First Things Second
Saviours – Cavern Of Mind
Kadavar – Creature Of The Demon
MC5 – Future/Now
Monomyth – The Groom Lake Engine
Pentagram – Flaming
The Lone Crows – Can’t Go Home Again
Iron Tongue – Said N Done
Southern State – Words And Phrases
Oxbow – Down A Stair Backwards
Botch – Wounded
Coalesce – Wild Ox Moan

Episode 30b/ Hour 2
Human Instinct – Black Sally
The Atomic Bitchwax – The Local Fuzz
Black Sabbath – Embryo
Torche – Kiss Me Dudely
Sungrazer – Zero Zero

Episode 31a/ Hour 1
16 – Pumpfake
Dystopia – Now And Forever
Paradise Lost – The Painless
Grails – More Erosion
Battle Of Mice – Yellow And Black
Helms Alee – A New Roll
Saint Vitus – War Is Our Destiny
Earth – Divine And Bright
Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower
Keelhaul – LWM
Solstices – The Prophecy
Tchkung! – Feral

Episode 31b/ Hour 2
Isis – Dulcinea
Voivod – Morpheus
Wendy O Williams – The Day Of The Human Is Gone
Monarch! – Blood Seeress
Witch – Space God
Pelican – Pulse
The Craw – Weedy Species
Deep Purple – Mandrake Root
Raging Slab – Never Comin’ Down
Birch Hill Dam – Ghosts Of Quabbin
Stubb – Scale The Mountain

Episode 32a/ Hour 1
Crawl – Don’t Kid Me
Poobah – Through These Eyes
Tricky Woo – Rat Feathers
Mountain Witch – Death Obsessed
Isis – Poison Eggs
Sepultura – Ratahahatta
John Baizley, Nate Hall & Mike Scheidt – Our Mother
The Mountain
Ararat – Gitanoss
Royal Thunder – Deacon
Dark Castle – Grasping The Awe
Zealot – Neptune

Episode 32b/ Hour 2
Cathedral – Birth Machine 2000
Alice Tambourine – Lover Angel Gone
Electric Earth – Platonic
Black Sabbath – A Hard Road
Moistboyz – Black Train
Black Math Horseman – Deerslayer
Boris With Merzbow – Flower, Sun, Rain
Envy – Life Caught In The Rain
Spirits And The Melchizedek Children – Lost And Found
Garmarna – Vengeance
Drone Hunter – Twisted Horse Boogie

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