The Forest Floor Doom Metal Radio (2014)

Episode 41a/ Hour 1
Orange Goblin – Time Travelling Blues
Wasted Theory – Hellfire Ritual
Voodoo Mule – Tapas
Deadman – Today
Merlin – Forever My Queen
Potergeist – Hope
Coalesce – Blue Collar Lullabye
Battle Of Mice – Cave Of Spleen
Tombs – Darker Than Your Nights
Pesky Gee – Where Is My Mind
Jupiter Zeus – Psychotic Seeds
The Atomic Bitchwax – The Cloning Chamber

Episode 41b/ Hour 2
Voivod – Nuclear War
Groan – Women Of Doom
Jex Thoth – The Places You Walk
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – Curse In The Trees
These Arms Are Snakes – The Blue Rose
Concrete Sun – Silver Tear
Players Club – God Dollar
Awesome Mr. Powerwolf – Blackout
Supercrusher – Order Of The Universe
Zone Zero – Demon From Kingdom Of Death
Dead Southern Bishop – Confession
Gantz – Noircir La Porte De Sa Maison

Episode 42a/ Hour 1
Cathedral – Captain Clegg
Black Nasa – El Segundo
Sally – Lord Of The Trees
Mountain Witch – School Of Night
Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Grails – Burning Off Impurities
Lothorian – Weldweller
Three Eyes Left – La Fee Verthe (The Green Fairy)
War Injun – Dangerous Prayer
Toke – Toke
Red Fang – Human Herd

Episode 42b/ Hour 2
The Haunting Green – Our Days In Silence
King Buzzo – Everything’s Easy For You
Village Of Dead Roads – Between Grace And Delusion
Stonehelm – Zombie Apocalypse 420
Zozobra – In Jet Streams
Iron Tongue – Moon Unit
Cold Colours – Heathen
Bang – Future Shock
Blind Dog – Let It Go
Monolord – Audhumbla
Los Natas – El Bolsero

Episode 43a/ Hour 1
Wo Fat – Beggar’s Bargain
Sunride – Straightliner
Tummler And Solomon – The Politics Of Dying
Deathwhite – Feeding The Illusion
Spell – Electric Witchery
Let The Night Roar – All Costs
Thunder And Roses – White Lace And Strange
Hollow Leg – Cry Havoc
Cardinals Folly – Our Cult Continues!
Volume – Colossal Freak
Black Math Horseman – A Barren Cause
Mogwai – Folk Death 95

Episode 43b/ Hour 2
Jarboe – Late Night
Medusa – Medusa
Disenchanter – Journey To Abydos : Moon Maid
Alice In Chains – Phantom Limb
Wizard Union – Aura Of Evil
Isis – Stone To Wake A Serpent
Cave In – Everest
Gonga – Calumet Altar
Bloody Hammers – The Moon Eyed People

Episode 44a/ Hour 1
Boulder – Back For The Show
Concrete Swine – Thin Line
Speedking – Dragon Slayer
Raging Slab – Should’a Known
Chimpgrinder – Simian Space King
Doublestone – Bringer Of The Light
Eight Bells – Yellowed Wallpaper
The Scimitar – World Unreal
Abstracter – Walls That Breathe
Arrowhead – Eagle Death Machine
Spirit Caravan – Black Flower

Episode 44b/ Hour 2
Mist – Phobia
Snail – Building A Haunted House
Desert Lord – New Dimensions
Daily Thompson – Lifetime
Nebula – Full Throttle
Freedom North – Losing You
Mystik Krewe Of Clearlite – Railhead
Mind (((O))) Reader – Alien Palindrome (Voice Of The Universe)
Don Juan Matus – Verde Nocturno / Las Horas Azules
Cycle Sluts From Hell – Conqueress
Hookfoot – Nature Changes
16 – Doorprize

Episode 45a/ Hour 1
Bones & Comfort – Orange Blossoms & Four Swans
Poltergeist – Hope
Satellite Circle – At The End Of The Day
Slaprocket – The Seed
Shepherd – Have A Cigar
King Valley – 2$ Brain
Voivod – Angel Rat
Fort Mudge Memorial Dump – Crystal Forms
Tomahawk – Red Fox
Man Is The Bastard – Mr. Wilson
Wo Fat – Pale Rider From The Ice

Episode 45b/ Hour 2
Dead Meadow – Green Sky Green Lake
Fever Dog – Iroquois
Crowbar – Dream Weaver
Witchfinder General – No Stayer
Down – Sufferer’s Years
Unsane – Throw It Away
Carcass – Ruptured In Purulence
Mastodon – Diamond In The Witch House
Deadbird – Death Of The Self
Tummler And Solomon – People Who Own Horses
Aeges- Doesn’t Feel The Same
Sparzanza – Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

Episode 46a/ Hour 1
Rainbows Are Free – Comet
Goatess – Ripe
Electric Wizard – Black Butterfly
Crushed Skulls – March Toward Your Doom
Smaug – Nothing Is Forever
Night Sun – Living With The Dying
Black Crowes – Hard To Handle
Mammoth Volume – Seagull
Sunride – So Me
Tarantula Hawk – The

Episode 46b/ Hour 2
Bad Dream – Black Blizzard
Sleep – Holy Mountain
Twin Giant – Fossilized
Aleph Null – Black Winged Cherub
Tone – Sketch
Captain Beyond – Mesmerization Eclipse
Glory Owl – Shelter
Cathedral – All Your Sins
False Prophets – Taxidermist
Countershaft – Black Sky
Sour Vein – Bearing Me Not
It’s Not Night: It’s Space – Vibration Eater

Episode 47a/ Hour 1
The Bakerton Group – Mainstream
Monobrow – City Of Angles
Wizard Rifle – Frazetta
The Heavy Co. – New Song To Sing
Ancient Grease – Women & Children First
Elder – Ghost Head
Maggot SS – American Living
Saint Vitus – The War Starter
The Body – I Died
Torso – One

Episode 47b/ Hour 2
Jex Thoth – Into A Sleep
Merlin – Execution
Earth – Ouroboros Is Broke
High On Fire – Fireface
Nuclear Assault – The Plague
Dented Edge – The Blind Progressing
Latitudes – A Falling Mute
Deer Creek – It Had Neither Fins Nor Wings
The Vein – Acedia

Episode 48a/ Hour 1
Hermano – 5 To 5
Black Snake – Red Eyes
Subsanity – Frozen Sunset
Mamiffer – Black Running Water
Dio – Holy Diver
Beelzebud – Sengsara
Floodstain – Slumbering Titan Slayer
Today Is The Day – Bee’s Wax And Star Wars
Oxbow – Burn
The Obsessed – Endless Circles
Scissorfight – Cult Extraction

Episode 48b/ Hour 2
Sea Of Green – Move The Mountains
Hössferatu – Ditchweed
Winter – Oppression Freedom
Samothrace – La Llorona
Thou – I was Ignored And Judged And Cast Down
Tomydeepestego – Nero
The Accused – Boris The Spider
Humo Del Cairo – Cauce
Firelord – Crazy Little Witch

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