The Forest Floor Doom Metal Radio (2014)

Episode 49a/ Hour 1
The Heavy Co. – What’s Eating Harry Lee
The Atlas Moth – Jump Room To Orion
Black Sabbath – All Moving Parts (Stand Still)
Wolfmother – White Unicorn
Bloodhorse – A Passing Through To The Contrary
Mugwart – The Prostitute
Zozobra – Soon To Follow
Black Mountain – Set Us Free
Kinski – Plan, Steal, Drive
Scene Killer – Midnight Snack
At The Gates – The Flames Of The End

Episode 49b/ Hour 2
Merlin – Archimedes
Sons Of Huns – Horror In Clay
Wishbone Ash – Phoenix
Saturnalia Temple – Mount Meru Is Tall
Neurosis & Jarboe – Cringe
The Sword – How Heavy This Axe
Cathedral – Earth In The Grip Of A Skeletal Hand
Sea Bastard – Sea Bastard
Stinking Lizaveta – Matilda Mother

Episode 50a/ Hour 1
Om – Thebes
Pylon – Ride The Pale Horse
Garmonbozia – Thor’s Immortal Hammer
The Hidden Hand – Someday Soon
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Orgelbut
Colour Haze – I Won’t Stop
Hookfoot – Movies
The VSS – Solid Gold Follower

Episode 50b/ Hour 2
Elder – Dead Roots Stirring
Tummler – Lost Sense Of The Cosmos
Hössferatu – Throat
Yob – Pain Of I
Deviated Instinct – Pain
Paleodaze – Mystery Ship
Thin Lizzy – The Rocker
Hayden – In September
Isis – In Fiction
Black Christmas – Black Heva

Episode 51a/ Hour 1
Karma To Burn – Twenty Three
Dusk – Sorrow Of The Flesh
Earth – There Is A Serpent Coming
Swarm Of Arrows – Little Marching Vipers
Trouble – The Beginning
Plasmatics – Headbanger
Fangs Of The Molossus – Cult Of The Witch Goddess
Sungrazer – Octo
The Human Condition – The Tempest
Striborg – Psychedelic Nightmare
Unicornibot – Pupitas

Episode 51b/ Hour 2
Crawl – Don’t Kid Me
Boulder – Disrespector
Grief – Tarpor
Seven That Spells – Out
The Great Electric Quest – Electric Savior
Dozer – From Mars
Blackwitch Pudding – Swamp Gas Of Nevermizer
Poobah – Pulling Me Down
Terra Firma – High Horses
King Buzzo – Instrument Of God
Tricky Woo – Pink Thunder
Pale Divine – (I Alone) The Traveller

Episode 52a/ Hour 1
Humo Del Cairo – A Tiempo
The Atomic Bitchwax – Hey Alright
Deep Purple – Space Truckin’
Second Grave – Mountains Of Madness
Ride The Sun – Ride
Lost Goat – Hanging Tree
Black Pyramid – Night Queen
Muscle And Marrow – Childhood
When The Deadbolt Breaks – My Coffin Is Loaded With Sand & Fire

Episode 52b/ Hour 2
Cathedral – Mourning Of A New Day
Irritum – Orcus
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Coffinworm – Black Tears
The Mushroom River Band – Simsalabim
Harvey Milk – Skull Socks & Rope Shoes
Khanate – No Joy
Saint Vitus – Dragon Time
The Disease Concept – Living At Home & Hiding From The Government

Episode 53a/ Hour 1
Karma To Burn – Fifty Three
The Atomic Bitchwax – Kiss The Sun
Fatso Jetson – Fucked Up & Famous
Solace – Heavy Birth/Two Fisted
Spyderbone – Your God
Throw The Goat – Last Call
Sarofeen And Smoke – Swamp Man
Youngblood Supercult – Tex
Mountain Witch – Wrath
The Body – Night Terrors
Battle Of Mice – Sleep & Dream
Envy – Mystery And Peace

Episode 53b/ Hour 2
Giant Squid – Octopus
Isis – 1000 Shards
16 – Drinkin’ Strychnine
Dystopia – Sleep
Grails – Dead Vine Blues
High On Fire – To Cross The Bridge
Lucifer’s Friend – Toxic Shadows
Dark Castle – Spirited Migration
Elder – Knot

Episode 54/ Hour 1
The Obsessed – Back To Zero
Lé Betre – Shades Of Grey
Lord Fowl – Mutate
Lowrider – Lameneshma
Borgo Pass – Meat Wallet
Gun – Race With The Devil
Colour Haze – Roses
Enchantress – Heavy Air
Fuzz – Loose Sutures
Audio Dream Sister – Marquis Moon
Sons Of Otis – Big Muff

Episode 54b/ Hour 2
High On Fire – Blood From Zion
The Desert Sessions – Jr. High Love
Godwatt Redemption – Circles
Mahat – Solitude
Black Sabbath – Children Of The Grave
Lair Of The Minotaur – Slaughter The Bestial Legion
Merlin – Witch
Alpinist – Deliberate
Stoneburner – An Apology To A Friend In Need
Volume IV – Blackwater
Baroness – Red Sky

Episode 55a/ Hour 1
Lo-Pan – Marathon Man
Bad Wizard – Loosen up
Blackwolfgoat -Night Heat
Nebula – Fall Of Icarus
Orange Goblin – Heavy Lies The Crown
Men Of Porn – End
John Baizley, Nate Hall & Mike Scheidt – For The Sake Of The Song
Mountain – Nantucket Sleighride (To Owen Coffin)
Aeon Aphelion – Ophitic Doctrine
Stinking Lizaveta – Day Of Dust
Samsara Blues Experiment – Back To Life
Jesu – Conqueror

Episode 55b/ Hour 2
Pallbearer – The Ghost I Used To Be
Burn The Sun – Crack Of Dawn
Nata – Alohawaii
Mother Of God – Hoenan
Satyress – Esta Noche
White Honey – Nothing Going On In The City
Snowchild – Kings Of Koch
Fistula – Upside Down
The Glorious Rebellion – Thanks To AA, I’m The DD
The Body – Even The Saints Knew Their Hour Of Failure And Loss
Crawl – Nigredo

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