12 Personally Pivotal Albums

I’ve always loved dirty sounding guitars. The dirtier the sound the better. Like a guitar cutting through a thousand tons of gravel. When I toured the west coast I only owned two shirts. They were signifiers of the most important and polar sounds of punk and hardcore at the time. One of those was a Nausea shirt. I sent off for it. That was kind of a big deal for me. I didn’t often use the mail back then. I always have preferred the serendipitous nature of objects entering your life. I knew I had to start taking matters into my own hands, and animal rights bands like Nausea made me feel responsible for my actions. While never feeling part of the crust scene, I ended up wearing my homemade Crimpshrine shirt almost the entire time instead, I never felt like I needed approval to enjoy their music. There has been so many times in my life when someone has asked *you like them?* or better yet *you wouldn’t like it.* Well having expectations of what I will be passionate about is a losing game. Extinction was a huge experience for me. They were the next step after Rudimentary Peni and Dead Silence. They helped to bridge the gap between my metal friends and our crew. The fact they had ethically-charged lyrics made their absolutely vicious tone all that more important.

FFO False Prophets, Antischism, Septic Death

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