12 Personally Pivotal Albums

When I went to SXSW (1992) we stayed in Killeen, TX with a friend of a friend. Like always I couldn’t stop talking about music and I really annoyed the people around me. So much they stopped hanging out with me when we got home. I suppose there was other reasons, I didn’t have a car and hauling my ass around wasn’t always fun I’m sure. We didn’t see the bands we went down to see. We ended up only seeing Rig. The guy in the band told us his brother was in Bad Posture. That was kind of cool. We also ate at the Luby’s in Killeen because of my friend’s morbid fascination and I guess because we didn’t know mass shootings would become commonplace. I digress, the guy we were staying with was playing this album one night and I was smitten. I remember he said “you don’t have to like this, I’m just into it for the bass.” But I was too! He was wrong! I did have to love this album, I didn’t have a choice. Post hardcore is one of the best things about being slightly behind the curve of first wave punk rock IMO. Growing up transgender, I’ve always considered the personal to be political, and when the urgency of punk, with lyrics about emotional response to growing up disenfranchised and often broken in half, these bands that were often signed to Dischord (but by no means always) moved my soul and my ass followed. Great rock music touches every party of body and spirit. Soulside were a shining example of that ethos.

FFO Rites of Spring, Girls Against Boys, Gray Matter

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