I Am A Transformer

I’ll never tie it all together. I’ll never put the pieces back. Simply stalling, stuttering, stopping dead in my tracks. The tracks by the power station. Giant boxes filled with instant death. One hand holds onto the source of amplified sound, the pulse that pushes the wind to crest and spill over the fans and auteurs. I am a transformer. Funneling the magic that rises, hold on, go ahead, let it slide. The world of opposites, take a side, I dare you. Liquid through wire, making dreams scream from rectangular boxes. Shine distracts from life, tickles amygdala, sly as foxes.

One Million things made one. zero second countdown, zap maybe fizzle, gone inside out. Every particle collapse control nothing now near miss economy-sine wave slowly emanates into nothing. Steel bouncing balls. Bouncing everywhere eternally, nothing anymore to stop it, maybe just yet. A box with no corners: a gift from everything to nothing. Swaying on the wind or crushed between two objects, a figurative organism, a plaything strung along. We’re never alone, and when it goes it goes. Spaces, spaces, spaces, spaces…

The Movement. The act. It’s over now, clapping drowning out-waving from the sea-the sea of futile lack, a lack of substance, gone. Forever is a short time sometimes and to some things. The littlest things that wait. Wait for it to start again. Maybe you can fly this time. After fire rain dies down and green glow grabs fruit and grows. Smile, and breathe, rainbow sparks from diesel blast the end then life, the end then life. I am a transformer. I hold energy-I share-I sing, I can change, I made my wish, I closed my eyes, and saw no more, but right now I smile, and I dream that right now reaches back, turns a star’s distance in the darkest reaches of previous empty spaces.

© 2020 P.F.S.I.M.

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