Generation Hex

Is this the fiscally conservative leadership we wanted? Is the dissolution of “big government” satisfying? I don’t believe in villains. I believe in bad actors. I accept people can be desperate, under-educated, and poorly-wired. I believe that people can lack empathy, and many even have a nearly narcissistic drive to manipulate and dominate, a maladjusted will to have their intractable needs met. I believe culture decides where the line is drawn, or if the line exists at all, but what gets into our hand and heads has little to do with the artists and seers. I believe people will kill to get what they want, and I believe people will withhold resources, murdering by proxy, anyone that might stand in their way. In America, I don’t believe we should hold a person to a higher standard than the President. If our leaders require complete supplication before giving charitable aid; how can we expect any less from the people? We love the “bad guy.” We are cowards we despise to the extent that we refuse to socialize with each other without the analgesic and prophylactic measure of intoxication, lest we form a deep connection without an excuse in tow. Our parents pointed at heavy metal and role-playing game as the “sin” that has allowed us to deface each other’s common humanity. Their parents laid blame at the pelvis of rock and roll musicians. Generation X, my generation of parents blame our degraded and collapsing country on gender nonconformity and memes. Somehow very few see that the cult of personality, strict adherence to our peer’s fashion, and most importantly, an unbending worship of money and property had done more damage than any man’s shaved chest. We point our fingers in all the wrong directions because it’s much easier than blaming the neighbor that everybody know is molesting and beating their children. If the leader of the free world “grabs them by the pussy,” and was elected by an artificially wider margin of citizens: those citizens acquiesce to their own will’s violation. We were born into this country, but we choose who runs it. Voting is harm reduction, not a shallow coaxing of our egos. Exaggerated attention is placed on our de facto “kings.” I believe the executive-in-chief has the most influence in his bully pulpit. Our current situation is an approximation of an Eddie-Haskell-style of benevolence in speeches that mutates into a Father-Coughlinesque demagoguery on the social media platform, Twitter. How many Americans see the speeches compared to his tweets? Will our family’s illness and possible deaths be the messenger that spells out what morality and ethics actually are? I doubt it. Tea Party Libertarian ideals are now calcifying in our federal government. People love a spectacle, I fear we are about to witness the most devastating in Generation X, in our lifetime. I’m afraid that burying our parents en masse might be the only thing that breaks through our apathy.

Christiana Joy: “Nazi Breath” © PFSIM

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